Rare and Pristine.

In the late 1800s, Bruno Gernt settled in Tennessee and became the founding father of the town of Allardt in Fentress County. One hundred and thirty plus years later, the Allardt Land Company, still operated by Bruno’s descendants, has carefully developed parcels of their holdings into equestrian communities pristine in their natural beauty.

Preserved and reserved for equestrians and dreamers, Highlands at Big South Fork and White Oak are rare opportunities to own a pristine natural homesite. Both developments are replete with amenities to make horse ownership easier and more enjoyable. And, even if you’re not into horses, you can still enjoy the raw natural beauty and abundant outdoor activities of the communities. Few, if any, other developments of this kind enjoy the protection of a centuries-long, family-owned legacy. Allardt Land also offers easy owner financing, making your dream property more accessible than ever before.

easy owner financing

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